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Calibration Software and Asset Management Software for Manufacturing and Commercial Labs

Calibration Management, Tool Management, and Commercial Lab Software

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  • Create customizable home page views for quick visibility of overall equipment and process statuses.
  • Develop flow charts with the built in editor to map your quality process and visualize work flow status.
  • Quickly get to the information you want in a few clicks with a greatly simplified interface.

Equipment & Templates

  • Store unlimited number of records for companies, equipment, history, vendors, employees and more.
  • Utilize hundreds of predefined fields setup for the most common equipment definitions.
  • Expose unlimited custom field and labeling capabilities for further refinement of equipment details to suit your exact needs.
  • Leverage the power of templates for fast creation and management of assets in the system.
  • Reuse previously entered data about other assets to prevent 'fat fingering' of data that would then be lost in future searches.
  • Setup customized views of equipment to reflect only data relevant to job position or need.
  • Create multiple level parent-child relationships of assets and perform operations on the top levels as one unit.
  • View changes down to the field level including before and after indicators with the built in audit trail capabilities.

Searching & Reports

  • Use find-as-I-type searches to quickly narrow selection lists to the equipment you seek.
  • Search across nearly every field in the system using power searches to pinpoint assets.
  • Create highly customized searches for use by all, one company, or just you and pin them right to the search menu.
  • Quickly export data generated by searches in numerous formats like HTML, Excel, PDF, or even ad-hoc report layouts.
  • Share search results with other users on the network.

Scheduling & Notifications

  • Move beyond calibration scheduling by creating your own custom schedule types for studies, goal dates, maintenance, warranties, and more.
  • Control scheduling due dates with system wide and rule based scheduling exceptions.
  • Cast multiple schedules against an asset to track numerous time-based efforts at the same time.
  • Create, update, or negate schedules from any point in the equipment lifecycle process.
  • Automatically notify customers of recall statuses and more with highly targeted emails or reports generated by the integrated alarms system.
  • Modify any canned report or create your own by referencing the included Database Dictionary application that details the database structure.

Companies Employees & Vendors

  • List unlimited numbers of companies, employees and vendors in the system
  • Utilize numerous custom fields for companies which can then dynamically drive the equipment process for specific customers.
  • Track vendor turnaround times by using the included send and receive from vendor events.

Events & Certification/Documentation

  • Design a completely original certificate of calibration including logos, barcodes and any field from the related task.
  • Produce customized calibration stickers of any size and even dynamically select and route them for printing based on equipment criteria.
  • Track receive, calibration, repair, shipment and external vendor operations right out of the box.
  • Expand or completely rework the system to include the steps required in your equipment lifecycle or quality process.

Latest Release

Version: 10.0.30
Released: 07/14/2017

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