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Thank for your interest in our social media presence on Twitter. Before you leave there are a few quick things to know:

  • We can offer no guarantee of service for the site you are about to visit. We didn't build it so it's theirs to break. Please do not engage our customer support for issues with any outside social media site.
  • Remember that information you provide in online social settings has limited protection. Per our privacy policy our employees will not divulge or solicit information from you, but we cannot stop you or others from doing so. So before you post that awesome photo of the top secret rocket ship that just passed QA... think.
  • Educate yourself on any non-disclosures or online policies through your employer before posting.
  • Our standard stance in all online media, where possible, is to review content before making it public. This is simply to ensure conversations stay on topic or sensitive information is directed towards appropriate contacts instead of the world at large. If something doesn't appear immediately please be patient.
  • Online content has no relation whatsoever to the business of purchasing, licensing, services or support. Social media avenues are intended as store fronts for light discussion of our products and services. Come back to this site or contact us for business-to-business matters.
  • You may encounter IndySoft employees in social media settings (and they may post pictures of their cats... sorry). Aside from our moderators (clearly noted as the name of the company) employees are nothing more than "civilians" in social media settings but are not permitted to answer customer questions except through IndySoft Corporation proper channels. Please do not place them in the uncomfortable position of violating our company policy. If you have questions moderators will always guide you to an appropriate resource.
  • Even with endless footers about your statements being your own and not those of your employer, poorly chosen words still make impressions and the whole world is watching. Keep it civil and tasteful or our moderators will help you find the door.
  • Enjoy yourself... we all work hard enough. Keep things light and follow any directions of our various site moderators. They are here to help everyone have a positive experience.

I agree so take me to Twitter!

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