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Data Migration

Working with you, our experienced technicians can develop a migration plan for your existing data. With a standardized three-pass process, we strive to ensure all required data is placed in the best spot for long term flexibility and work directly with you in data reviews to ensure overall project success.

Process Workflow Configuration

If you can dream it, we can build it. Creating closed loop processes and helping customers really get a handle on their busy operations is something our product, and expert service professionals, do better than anyone else.


Have reports to create, but no time? All it takes is a simple mock up and a little discussion for our technicians to turn around a well formed report ready to execute from your system.

Layout/Flowchart Construction

Along with your custom workflow, we can also create visually appealing flowcharts of your process that run in parallel with the event model. Layouts containing your company logo, specific fields, screens for certain types of users or functionality... we can do it all.


We have a long history of helping customers bridge gaps between related systems. Working with your staff or consultants, our technicians can help develop seamless interactions across multiple systems using a wide array of technologies.


Want to learn to do it yourself? IndySoft offers multiple training programs and post-training gap programs to help you make the most out of your investment. Your location, ours, or the web, all trainings are personalized to your needs with no other companies/customers present.


At IndySoft US

$2,495 3 days *

$3,995 5 days *

At Your Location

$1,995 per day *

* Shorter web-based gap training session available at an hourly rate of $150 per hour.

Onboarding Starter Packages

Who can't use a little help now and again? Let us assist you in getting the most from your software from day one. With years of experience customizing the software for our diverse customer base we can efficiently configure best practices or help you get to a 100% tailor-made solution. The following starter packs are discounted blocks of time that provide you with access to the IndySoft Service technicians for just about any purpose imaginable. Interested in optimizing your processes? Just lacking the time or technical knowledge for a more complex report? An Onboarding Starter Pack will help you with the initial system configuration to get your implementation to your desired state in the quickest time possible.

  • System Orientation
  • Process Consultation
  • Flowchart Design
  • Enhanced Process Workflow Configuration
  • Custom Layout Construction
  • Automated Alarm Configuration
  • Automated Data Sync
  • Document/certificate design
  • Enhanced Custom Scripting

Unsure of what package will help you achieve your implementation goals? IndySoft will provide an Implementation Success Assessment to discuss your expectations and goals for the project. We will evaluate your current situation, your requirements and the deliverables needed for you to consider your implementation a success and will recommend the package that will get you there. If any time is remaining in your allocation, IndySoft simply holds the hours for any future needs. You can also refill your service hours at any time.


$2,850 **


$5,400 **


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** Services and multiple-hour packages are based on our standard rate of $150 per hour. Service packs do not include migration, full product training, or on premise services.