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Hours of Operation

Primary support is handled by the IndySoft Corporation US Offices Monday-Friday 8:30 AM through 5:30 PM EST barring major U.S. holidays.

2017 Holiday Closure Schedule

  • January 2 - New Years Day
  • April 14 - Good Friday
  • May 29 - Memorial Day
  • July 4 - Independence Day (observed)
  • September 4 - Labor Day
  • November 23 - Thanksgiving Day
  • December 22 - Christmas Eve
  • December 25 - Christmas Day
  • January 1 - New Years Day

Contact Methods

Are you a potential customer? Please contact sales for more direct service as support communication is for existing customers only.

Special Note for Consultants

  • IndySoft has a strict privacy policy in regards to customer information. Any consultant working on behalf of an owner of our products must be verified with the contracting company before any level of assistance is provided. This policy is to ensure adherence to the internal policies, any existing NDAs or other contract obligations, and prevent access to information the owning company may wish to keep private.

Version 9 Submission of Issues

  • Please note that as of Version 9, IndySoft core products contain a bug submission report. Should any error occur you will be prompted to save the resulting file and send it to support. This bug report, along with your provided personal account of the activities you were performing before the incident occurred, will provide us with vital information in quickly resolving your issue. We highly encourage your participation in the use of this new feature should any issue arise in the product.

What To Expect When Calling Support

  • Phone support is available to customers with (a) registration requests regardless of contract status, (b) a valid support contract or (c) installation assistance within the first thirty days of product ownership for new customers without a support contract.
  • To ensure customer privacy, calls from end-customer vendors will only be accepted after verification of the vendor by IndySoft with the end-customer.
  • The Customer Services Assistant should accept your call, verify your contact information, then route your call accordingly. If the CSA is unavailable the automated system will kick in at which time you simply select option 2 to connect to support.
  • If you do not have a support contract and do not fall under the support exceptions previously noted, you will either be guided towards per-incident support or to sales to discuss your support options.
  • If all support technicians are with other customers, you may be asked to hold or to leave a voicemail. Calls are returned by issue priority and order received so please leave a voicemail with details when possible to ensure a prompt response. Repeat call attempts will not escalate your call ahead of the queue. If your situation is critical and effecting production lines please communicate this with the CSA in the initial call.

What To Expect When Emailing Support

  • Email support is available to customers with (a) registration requests regardless of contract status, (b) a valid support contract or (c) installation assistance within the first thirty days of product ownership for new customers without a support contract.
  • Please submit your support request to only and include details about the issue along with your contact information.
  • The support system will reply to your initial email within 5 minutes (times may be delayed by your ISP/Network) with a case number to track your support query. If you need to add additional information to the case after initial submission, please wait to reply to that email otherwise you will create another ticket which may not go to the same individual.
  • Depending on the details in the case, a technician will either reply by email or call you directly to discuss your issue. The timing of our response is based on business hours of customer location, current case load, issue priority, and order received.
  • Do not submit support requests to other employees at IndySoft or CC them in support communication. Also, please try to avoid sending emails that mass CC others at your company in your request. Limit the participation only to those reporting the issue or who have direct access to assist in corrections. Mass CCs almost always causes multiple trouble tickets, conflicting information, out of office notifications, etc and will greatly slow down our response times.
  • If at any time you experience a delay of over two business days after sending an email to support there is a chance your email was flagged as spam on our side, or our reply was flagged as spam on your side. Please check your spam folder first then call us to discuss any delays to investigate.

What To Expect When Using

  • In order to access the customer portal we must have your name, email, and phone number on record and enabled your account to log into If we need to provide you with access please contact the CSA (Customer Services Assistance) by calling the main line at (864) 627-8858 or send your request to
  • Customers without support meeting the above criteria may log into the portal but will have limited functionality.
  • Log into using your email address and unique IndySoft customer number. If you are a valid contact in our systems and cannot recall your customer number, use the service option on the page to send yourself an email reminder.
  • Once logged in, use the tabs across the center of the page to review support tickets, your purchased products, latest release notes, knowledge base articles, and more.
  • Should you have any issues with the portal, or records for your account appear to be incorrect, simply contact support for assistance.

Need Help?

Need more information about our products or services? Ready to order? Need technical support assistance? Request a callback from our sales or support group.

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