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Deployment Options

With over a decade of real-world enterprise-level experience IndySoft has developed a robust catalog of methods for deploying calibration software products. If you need a single license or an international deployment we have a host of solutions to provide access to all of your team members.

Single User Installations

Single user installations comprise of a client application and localized database. The database cannot be placed on a network but if you also own one of the multiuser versions of the matching application you can connect to the primary database to synchronize information between systems. Single users are intended for use in very small labs or for organizations that have field technicians.

Multiuser LAN/VPN Installations

A Multiuser LAN installation is a true client-server deployment where the database is housed on a centralized machine or server and all software clients have TCP/IP line-of-sight connectivity to the database machine. IndySoft utilizes concurrent licensing for multiuser products which means you can install the software on as many networked machines as desired, add as many users as required, but only X number of users will get in at the same time where X equates to the number of licenses purchased. Clients can also connect over traditional VPN connections where they will operate in the same manner as a LAN install.

Multiuser WAN Installations

Where an organization has diverse locales or gaps in their infrastructure, they utilize IndySoft Three-Tier or WAN deployment methods. In this scenario there are still clients installed on each workstation but instead of connecting directly to the central server, all clients connect to a SQL broker that sits between the client and server. This application allows for connectivity by domain/ip over the Internet and compresses all data transferred between the client and server.

Web Portal/Thin Client Deployments

When IT wants to reduce the workstation installation footprint or gain centralized control of deployment they turn to our Web portal or Thin client solution. In this scenario clients are installed as Multiuser LAN products on one or more centralized servers. End users connect to the server either through a lightweight thin client install, or a plug-in within a popular web browser. In this capacity users are still using the full product, only in a remote manner. They still have access to local drives and printers as well.

Other Supported Options...

Many IndySoft Customers deploy our products on Citrix, Terminal Services, VM Ware, and other technologies. While we do not directly support the technologies (i.e. we cannot troubleshoot your VMWare configurations) we do support our products running on the technologies as if it were simply another machine on your network.

All technologies mentioned above can be mixed and matched to meet individual customer requirements.

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