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The following will provide you with a quick orientation of feature locations between version 8.x and 9. Aside from the Main menu, Order System and Pending Sign off tabs, the majority of the application features are simply located on either the Home view for non-asset related tasks, or the Equipment View for asset-specific activities. This is all you need to consider to quickly find the application area you need for the task at hand.

Pending Sign Off Notifications

Pending sign off actions are located on the pending work tab

Was In Event Finder... Now On The Pending Work Tab
Pending sign off indicators used to be tucked away within the EventFinder window. They are now front and center on the new Pending Work tab along with additional features for work order assignments and pending documentation sign off actions. This makes notification of required/pending tasks infinitely better than the previous method.

Order System

The order system is now embedded in the main form on the order system tab

Was On The Utilities Menu... Now On The Order System Tab
The order system used to be launched from the Utilities menu. This is now embedded within the order system tab in the main interface for easier access.

Equipment Tabs

Equipment tabs are now located in the lower half of the equipment view

Was In The Main Interface... Now On The Equipment View
If the equipment tab contained nothing but additional fields (additional info, lab, custom tab, attributes, etc), these are now part of the singular equipment view. If the tabs contained multiple rows of data like history, schedules, documents or equipment cross references, these are now located in the lower panel in Equipment View. This change allows you to bring all relevant asset information right into one screen.

Template Links

Template links are now linked within the equipment view

Was In a Docking Panel... Now On The Equipment View
Template links are now accessed via the edit link with the templates section on equipment view preventing the need for a docking panel that takes up valuable screen space.

Administrative Tools, Preferences & Misc. Utilities Menu Items

All various system administrator tools can now be found on the home view

Was Under the Options or Utilities Menu... Now On The Home View or Equipment View
The various administrative applications (Printbuilder, ProfileManager, etc) and system wide or personal option settings were nested under multiple menus. Those items are now all centralized on the Home View for easy one-click access. Any Asset-specific functions like cloning, company transfer, or modify ID are linked within the Equipment View.

Adding Equipment

Options for adding new assets are now located at the top of the equipment view

Was On the Options Menu and Main Toolbar... Now On the Equipment View
Adding equipment was performed by clicking the new icon on the toolbar or when generating a new equipment record from a template from the options menu. These functions have been logically placed on the Equipment View where you will be working on assets in the system.

Events, Search By, Reports, Add/Edit Menus

All of the most frequently used menus are still located at the top of the screen

Was On The Main Menu... Still On The Main Menu
Events, Searching, Reports and Add/Edit are the most commonly used menu items in the system which is why they remain on the top of the screen moving into version 9. The only primary difference in the menu structure is that the standard searches are now tucked under a Legacy Search menu option to clear the way for your more powerful and customized version 9 searches.

Search By Primary ID

Searching by the primary ID is now carried out from the equipment view

Was Under the Search By Menu... Now On The Equipment View
You can still search by ID from the search by menu under the legacy search options however the faster path is to simply click the ID in equipment view and the search by window will appear. The new search functionality in 9 allows for far more powerful and personalized searches that you can add to the Search By menu so those now take precedence over the older (but still available) search windows.

Bookmarking Equipment

Bookmarking assets is now handled by right mouse clicking the equipment view

Was On The Main Toolbar... Now On The Equipment View
Bookmarking has been split into two options. To bookmark any asset just right mouse click the equipment view for the currently loaded asset and select to bookmark. Your recently viewed list is right by the navigation controls in Equipment View.

Change Company

Changing companies is carried out by clicking the company name in equipment view

Was On The Main Toolbar... Now On The Equipment View
Switching companies used to be handled by selection of a new company from the dropdown followed by launching a search for an asset from the Search By Menu. This is now all handled in a one click process. Click the company name in Equipment view to perform a more powerful company search then the search by primary ID will immediately launch after company selection, saving you multiple steps.


The navigator widget is now launched from the gear menu at the top of the screen

Was On The Utilities Menu... Now On The Gear QuickMenu
Navigator is now available from the top menu but until the gear menu instead of an expansive utilities menu.

Template Editor

The template editor can be launched from the gear menu at the top of the screen or within equipment view

Was Previously Created By Option Save or Docking Panel... Now On The Gear QuickMenu and Equipment View
In previous versions templates were created by saving an asset as a template from the options menu and edited from the templates docking panel. You can now launch directly into the template editor from the gear menu or links within Equipment View.

Company Discounts (Commercial Lab Management Only)

Company discounts have been moved into the set/import charges utility

Was On An Add/Edit Company Step... Now Within The Set/Import Charges Utility
Company discounts are now part of the Set/Import Charges Utility launched from the Home View.

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