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Since the launch of version 9 we've had many customers upgrade with great things to say about the newest version. As we expected, we've also received questions from existing customers ready to upgrade but wanting to know how much this version deviates from the 8.x version. In addition they want to know what to expect when they upgrade. This page and the 'Compare' tab attempts to answer all those questions. If your general questions as an existing customer aren't discussed here please feel free to contact sales and not only will we address your queries but if the responses will benefit others we'll include them here.

Why has everything been changed?

Please know that existing functionality has not been removed. Only the front-end interface is different in appearance. Since this is the first thing you see it's understandable you might assume everything in the software has been modified. Just like before you still manage assets by adding data in fields, work with templates, launch events, perform searches, execute actions against work orders, and more... often in screens very similar to, if not exactly like, the 8.x applications. What we have changed is the way you visualize your data and more importantly we made getting to program features much more accessible. With version 9 you are now in almost complete control of how the interface appears to you and your users when viewing the application. This interface is the combined result of the top requested features of our products over the past few years. We received many requests to:

  • A management-level dashboard interface to visualize the overall health of the quality system instead of an asset for the primary view.
  • The ability to re-label any field, hide others, and bring other fields obscured behind tabs into the primary view.
  • Faster data performance throughout the system.
  • Reduction of menu choices and options to a process-oriented interface for end-users.
  • More in-depth documentation about the system.

For those of you with support and access to we recommend downloading the help files to educate yourself on the new version. If for some reason you believe you should have access to and cannot log in, drop support an email with your company name and contact information so we can look into the issue. We've worked hard to deliver an extremely robust documentation with this release and encourage you to take advantage of those efforts. When logged into you will see the help files alongside the releases available for download. Please download the help and start in the first section "Introduction - What's new in version 9." This section breaks down the primary interface changes with links to the specific chapters related to the various areas of the application.

Can I still have the old interface?

The dashboard approach is the future of the product line. We have provided functionality called 'Classic View' in 9 which will be available for the period of one year (through 2013, until version 10 is released) after which it will be removed from the product line and no longer supported. This will provide customers who do not have development or test environments with a revision of the primary interface to setup their equipment and home views while still working in a close to business-as-usual environment as we can provide. New products (not upgrades) planned for release in 2013 will not have classic view as an option.

What happens to my existing data when I switch to version 9?

Nothing. Just like any other IndySoft upgrade, your existing data stays right where it is. There will be additional tables and fields added to support new features but your core asset and calibration data will not be altered. The only existing data that will actually be changed is system data in relation to an upgrade of the search filter box technology along with storing of grid layouts and personal preferences in the database instead of the registry.

What about support for barcodes?

Still there with the same functionality except we've expanded support to over 40 barcode formats.

Will my reports still function with the database changes?

Yes... no existing table structure or data modifications means your existing reports will still function as before.

What about my custom searches?

Still there and supported... however the newer search features bring you greater flexibility with multiple table binding, result export routines, and even functionality to push search results to events.

What about (insert practically any standard function from 8.x here)?

Still there.

How do I launch events?

Almost the same as before... directly from the events menu. Now we also allow you to launch directly into events from search results, the home view flowcharts, and equipment view flowcharts as well. Event launching from the history toolbar has been removed. Once you get your flowcharts configured, you will never look back.

What happens to my security profiles?

They are retained. The only alterations to the security profiles will be the addition of additional security checkpoints to support the documented new functionality in the system.

Are there any other technical changes I should know about?

There are a few. Please review the 9.x series of change lists in for more information but here are some we feel the more technical users should know.

  • Window and grid layouts/positions are no longer stored in the registry. They are now centrally stored in the database. This allows users to move across workstations and have their preferences follow them on the network.

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