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Top 10 Features Overview

You asked, and we delivered. With 9 and versions to come you will experience one of the most flexible systems ever created for asset management. Here is a quick rundown of the top must-see features in the new lineup. Click any image for a little more detail and when you're done, head over to the software section to find out more about this great system.

Home view provides a one-stop shop view of the overall health of your quality system

1. Home View

Imagine a system that gives you near-immediate views of the status of every asset within your quality system. Home view provides you with a fully customizable portal in which you can create charts and graphs to report in near-real time on your quality process. Create a table view, add your logo, links for emails to your team members or vendor support, place a chart or even generate a workload counter. If you can use the basic features of a word processor like Microsoft Word, you have the experience required to create home page views. Want more? How about the ability to generate multiple views each containing different sets of data, assignment of views to specific users or groups and the ability to export or print the layout as an ad hoc report for presentations? Yeah... we thought you'd like that.

Flow charts can be created to visualize your asset management system

2. Interactive Flowcharts

Knowing where your equipment is in your process is one thing, seeing it is so much better. Version 9 introduces equipment flowcharts to aid you in tracking your overall quality system, visualize bottlenecks, and educate team members on your quality process flow. Including a built-in flowchart editor you can now create visual representations of your equipment statuses and events. You can also dynamically link status indicators to related searches and immediately place an asset into an event by clicking the event node in equipment view.

Equipment view allows for full customization of how you view your assets in the system

3. Equipment View

"If I could only move this field here, or change that label to X" Wish granted. Just as you can create a fully customized view for the Home View you can now create unlimited equipment layout views. Tweak the equipment view to reflect only the fields and labels you need for your operations. Can we get you even more excited? Yes we can. Equipment views now appear as read only views in search results, work orders and multiple asset events so you can preview equipment details before using the asset in your process.

The Pending work view centralizes important to-do items in one simple interface

4. Pending Work

When logging into the system it is important to know what work you have in front of you. Version 9 now includes a singular tab that organizes all of your assigned work into one simplified view. You get an immediate breakdown of all of the scheduled work order tasks, pending sign off actions, and pending document approvals that await your interaction.

Calendar based scheduling brings the simplicity of drag and drop task assignment to asset management

5. Calendar Based Scheduling

You have work orders to process and you have staff or team members ready to work. Let's put them together to do great things. With the new calendar based scheduling view you can easily drag and drop work onto a month, week, or day view, then drag resources in the form of employees or employee groups right onto the job to schedule tasks. Need more or less time for a job? The calendar view allows grabbing of tasks to manipulate the scheduled time set aside for each job. Need to switch resources? Just drag a new team member onto the task.

Sign off controls exist for events and related documentation

6. Enhanced Sign Off Activity

IndySoft has always supported sign off actions for events but we've taken things to a new level. Calibrations can now fully generate preview certs which are locked pending final sign off by proper team members. Have an event document that needs approval before a process can continue? No problem. The core package now also supports document sign off control as well.

Flexible search interfaces provide multiple ways to work with or export your search result data

7. Unbelievable Search Features

Imagine building searches that meet your exact process needs, then pinning them right to the search by menu. Now imagine those searches can combine results from up to 5 related tables, and that you can also take the results and export them direct to XML, Excel, or quickly format them into an ad-hoc PDF report. The enhanced search features blur the line between searching, reporting, and exporting into one of the most flexible in-process utilities to date.

A revised template editor provides a greatly simplified interface for managing base class template information

8. Templates

Along with the numerous visual enhancements in the client comes a simplified templates interface. Not only can you create templates for data related to matching assets in the system, but you can also create layouts for those templates as well.

A wealth of information is available within the one thousand plus pages for documentation

9. Documentation

Ready to learn something new? We've made it a lot easier by providing over 1400 pages of documentation in PDF and Windows Help formats for your perusal. Along with the documentation you also receive access to the IndySoft Data Dictionary, an interactive application that provides details about the various tables and fields in the IndySoft database, how they relate, and what they are used for in the client.

The IndySoft Newsreader provides up to date information about your software and IndySoft Corporation

10. Enhanced Release Cycle and Notifications

IndySoft is now committed to a new quarterly release cycle which will provide advances in a predictable manner throughout the year. We have also included the IndySoft News Reader with the client which can provide you with a list of the latest versions of all your registered products with just the click of a mouse.

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