Version 11

It's Here!

With over 120 enhancements, IndySoft is pleased to introduce version 11 to the community. We've assembled the following quick overview of features you won't want to miss!

Major New Features

Simplified Licensing

We are very pleased to announce that IndySoft Calibration Management and Tooling Management and the upcoming Preventive Maintenance System are now all accessible with one IndySoft Client User license. There is no longer a need to purchase a separate license for each product. Also now included with a IndySoft Client license are the Uncertainty and Trend Analysis Modules.

Unicode Client/Database Support

The IndySoft Client version 11.0 now supports true Unicode in the Client and in the Firebird, SQL Server, and Oracle database platforms. This allows the capability of storing multiple foreign languages in a database successfully. If using SQL Server or the Oracle database and upgrading from a prior version of IndySoft, your DBA will need to run the ConvertDB.exe utility located in your IndySoft installation folder.

Multiple Session Support

You may now login to the IndySoft client multiple times with the same user name on a single workstation. This allows a user to multitask. For example comparing two pieces of equipment at the same time - or performing two calibrations simultaneously.

Return of Classic View

In order to encourage all IndySoft users to get on board with the new version 11, we have built this application back into a default installation of the IndySoft Client. Classic view is launched from the IndySoftMain.exe executable within your IndySoft installation folder. While IndySoft believes the Dashboard Interface introduced in version 9 is the most efficient/customizable way to use the software, we have extended the use of this older format providing more time to prepare a move to the new Dashboard interface.

Faster Data Caching

IndySoft has replaced the data caching system that saves client data locally with a more efficient/faster one. With this change, users should experience faster login and event execution speeds in version 11.

SAP/ERP Integration Capabilities

Utilizing IndySoft's Services department and integrated scripting, IndySoft can now synchronize and interface with many major ERP systems.

Multi-Language Translation Features

IndySoft now allows customers to translate the IndySoft Client interface into any desired language. Coming soon in a version 11 update customers will find pre-translated versions of the software in: German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Centralized Email Server

All IndySoft emails that are sent from the software can now utilize one or more IndySoft EMail Servers that perform the task of pushing email out - removing the need to worry about email settings on each individual workstation. Now, the IndySoft EMail server can be setup once and without concerns related to individual client/email configuration. Multiple IndySoft physical locations can also have their own email servers for efficient connectivity and routing options.

Systemwide Units of Measure

Units of Measure are no longer per-company to simplify the management of standard units of measure. Upon installation or upgrade, the systemwide units of measure list will pre-populate with standard Units of Measure. Existing units of measure will be merged automatically during the version 11 database upgrade.

Single and Double Quote Support

With the inclusion of Unicode support, IndySoft now accepts the ' and " quote characters when recording data in the IndySoft Client.

Introducing Read Only Licenses

DataView Browser, while still compatible with version 11, now has an upgrade option to Read-Only client licenses. This upgrade provides similar functionality to end-users as DVB, however you will gain much more flexibility in interface design leveraging the layout system provided with the standard client. End-users will now have access to Custom Reports, Charts, Special Read-Only Mode Events, and more... in a familiar interface. Contact IndySoft Sales for more information and migration options from DataView Browser to the new Read-Only licenses.

Headers, Footers, and Tuck-away Interface Options

Users can now have fixed Header/Footer and Slide-Out side panels to increase efficiency by keeping important data in view and less-used information tucked away when not in use.

Return of Equipment Tabs

Back by popular demand are the Equipment View "Tabs". This classic feature still provides an efficient way to quickly access important detail sections related to your equipment.

WebTier Branding

Commercial Labs, or anyone that gives external access to their IndySoft data, can now brand the client to provide a more coherent business experience to end-customers matching their website and/or marketing efforts.

Layout Docking Panels

New Docking Panels can be setup to show Status, Flowcharts, and Equipment Images. These panels can be docked permanently or be put into the new slide-out panels.

Speed Boost for Layout-based Data Editing

When tabbing between Equipment Data, data entry is now much faster than on previous versions.

Filter-based Template Searches

Templates can now be searched using the popular IndySoft filterboxes to provide easier ways to search when creating new equipment based on a template.

Improved Export/Import Memory Handling

Export and Import of data is now much faster thanks to a new memory-based caching system and additional related improvements.

Custom Searches/Reports in Event Equipment Selection

Up to 10 custom searches/reports can now be included in the equipment selection menu within events, providing users with custom-tailored equipment selection process.

Vendor-Based User/Location Preferences

Vendors can now be treated as Locations for the purpose of enforcing user/location preferences.

Enhanced Network/UNC/Mapped Drive Installations

When utilizing the IndySoft ability to run applications from a network file share, utilize the new ISDashboardOverNetwork.exe utility to greatly speed up this type of installation. Before launching, critical files are automatically copied to a temporary folder locally and the IndySoft Client is run from there - saving network bandwidth.

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