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System Overview

Asset Management

Your IndySoft system starts with a robust set of asset management features. Automatic asset numbering, data validation, company asset segregation, unlimited custom fields, unlimited historical event tracking, location awareness, issue and return routines, calibration, repairs, current tracking status, customized scheduling, and so much more.

Customizable Interface

We understand the need for a simplified interface to ensure technicians can move from one process to another with ease. IndySoft provides a complete set of editing tools allowing you to visually represent your processes with interactive flowcharts, customized searches, reports, and views. These views can then be distributed enterprise-wide, or in mix-and-match fashions per company, user, or security role.

Searching & Reporting

IndySoft ships with PrintBuilder, a robust report writer, embedded right into the software. You can clone and modify any of our shipped reports, stickers, certificates, or create your own from scratch. Completely customizable searches are standard in IndySoft. Create highly customized click-and-build searches and results, then jump from those results directly into the next step in your process... right from the search window itself.


With over 2500 security checkpoints and six pre-defined security profiles out-of-the-box, no other system comes close to the level of granular detail in security exhibited in IndySoft. Traditional username/password logins are standard with script-based option for OAuth and other authentication schemes. Once logged in, security profiles handle access to utilities, processes, and even enforce data requirements.

Customer Driven Features

Every feature put into the IndySoft line over the past two decades has been upon request from, or in interaction with, our loyal and ever-growing customer base. When you install IndySoft, you are inheriting countless years of collective experience from industry professionals just like you. If you are dedicated to "bulletproofing" your asset tracking, calibration, and overall quality programs, look no further than IndySoft.


With customers in a wide range of industries, we are no stranger to standards compliance. Along with the expected range of legacy QS and MilSpec standards, features exist to help companies fill the compliance requirements of widely-accepted standards such as the ISO-9000/9100 series, ISO-17025, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and more. For FDA-regulated customers or associated labs, validation starter templates are also available.


At the core of IndySoft is our exclusive process modeling engine. With decades of enhancements based on the needs of our expansive customer base, there is simply no other product that can match the configuration abilities of IndySoft. Every process can be altered in countless ways to support your business flow and data requirements. Below are a few examples of the base processes included with the application that support commercial services, general manufacturing, and tooling.

Commercial lab management software process flowchart

Built With Business In Mind

The Commercial Lab Management process of IndySoft comes out of the box with a base process designed for commercial laboratories. Along with this optimized and expandable process, exclusive features include:

  • Creation of price lists
  • Automated collection of billable charges
  • Tight integration with the work order system
  • Estimating & Invoicing
  • Invoice Data Export/Integration Options
  • Customer Discount/Hike Rules
  • Bulk Price Editing
Explore Commercial Lab Management
Calibration management software process flowchart

The Original. Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

For over twenty years, IndySoft Calibration Management (formerly Gage InSite) has served the needs of thousands of manufacturing and in-house labs. With a strong set of calibration-ready features, the platform provides a model that stretches traceability into usage locations, departments, and employees with bookend events for issue and return of equipment, outsourcing, and more.

  • Process workflow optimized for asset control
  • Dozens of reports and pre-built searches
  • Forward and Reverse Trace
  • Work Order system
Explore Calibration Management
Tool management software process flowchart

Inventory Control for Cribs & Bins

Tooling Management process features provide manufacturing facilities in-depth control of hand tools, consumables, and high-dollar unique assets in one package.

  • Create inventory records across multiple cribs and bins
  • Issue equipment as-needed, or using the powerful Part/Ops advanced kitting system
  • Restock and Retool Events
  • Tracking of assets across locations, projects, and more.
Explore Tooling Management


IndySoft is the technical leader in quality management software. We constantly review new technologies, taking into account both industry trends and the adoption rate of technology by existing customers. Twenty years in, here is just a small sampling of the technologies we have introduced to the industry, most of which are now staple requests by any organization seeking a professional asset management solution.

  • Global Connectivity
  • Enterprise Database Support
  • License Pooling
  • Concurrent Licensing
  • GUI Modification and Distribution
  • Process Workflow Creation
  • Interactive Process Flowcharts
  • Embedded Report Writer
  • Intelligent Barcode Automation
  • Part and Operation Based Kitting
  • Click & Build Searches
  • Intelligent Print Routing
  • Granular Security
  • Integrated GUM-Based Uncertainty
  • Field Synchronization
  • Scripted Extensibility


Need Help? We're with you every step of the way. You'll find multiple avenues for assistance. It doesn't matter if you are "DIY" or "Don't Make Me Think", we have flexible options to guide your program to success.

Your software ships with extensive documentation in Windows Help and PDF file formats. The same documentation is also available online for IndySoft Cloud or Web Tier users. Additionally, customers have access to the online and ever-growing knowledge base which contains everything from simple FAQs to in-depth tutorials on configuration, reporting, and more.

Support and maintenance/upgrades for software are vital parts of continual quality improvement. The IndySoft support plan gives you phone, email, and remote access to IndySoft technicians who can diagnose system issues, assist with installation, or even help determine if one of our other support/service avenues would be better suited to address your query. Your support plan also provides updates to minor releases along with upgrade protection to major new versions of the software. Cloud and Subscription plans are bundled with support while perpetual licenses have the option for opting-in to support at purchase or anytime in the future.

Leveraging the collective experience of the IndySoft trainers can be one of the best investments you can make in your software rollout. We provide a host of training options to meet your needs and budget. Training is considered a business project at IndySoft. While we have standardized agendas, our trainers will work one-on-one with you to refine the program to meet your business needs, eliminating wasted time on aspects of the software that have no bearing on your operations. We never train multiple customers together to ensure absolute focus on your needs. Current offerings include:

  • Training at IndySoft
  • Training at your location
  • Web/Remote gap training

Sometimes you just need someone to do the heavy lifting, or time just isn't on your side. The IndySoft Services group is a dedicated pool of technicians specializing in multiple aspects of the software and other external technologies. Working from a pool of allocated service hours, or as part of your rollout project, technicians can assist you with a host of needs including, but not limited to:

  • Data Migration, Lab Customer onboarding, or existing data cleanup.
  • Process Workflow Configuration
  • Reporting
  • Layout/Flowchart Construction
  • Security Profile Setups
  • General Consultation


IndySoft offers a range of deployment methods with our software to meet any budget. You can start with something as simple as a personal laptop edition or go for a full turnkey Enterprise system. With limited exceptions, all IndySoft products are compatible with each other and can expand in terms of licensing or additional functionality at any time.

The IndySoft Cloud

Monthly online access that is always on, and always up to date with no IT required!

$199 Per user, per month.

  • Nothing to Install, No Licenses To Purchase
  • Microsoft SQL Server Platform (Included)
  • Same-day startup
  • Globally Accessible
  • Support Included

Perpetual Enterprise Licenses

Permanently owned licenses installed on your system and maintained by your staff.

Per license pricing from $1995.

  • You Own The Licenses
  • Choice from 4 Database Platforms
  • 2 Day Shipping or Same-day Download.
  • Installed on your network or cloud.
  • 1st year support (20%) required

* Please refer to our complete pricing guide for all options.
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