Now Available, IndySoft Version 11 – Here is What is New!

We’ve been hard at work here at IndySoft to bring the improvements and new features that you have been clamoring for. We are super excited about the changes now available in version 11 and hope that you are as well. Here are the highlights...

We’ve been hard at work here at IndySoft to bring the improvements and new features that you have been clamoring for. We are super excited about the changes now available in version 11 and hope that you are as well. Here are the highlights:

First – the improvements.


  • An optimized memory-based caching mechanism to speed up login, event startup/finish and export/import.
  • A new utility that speeds up network-based installs.
  • An enhanced option for accessing the client from a shared network drive.
  • Improved speed editing fields from Equipment, Attributes and Event Layouts which make data entry much faster than in prior versions.

These optimizations provide greater robustness and over 3 times speed improvement!

User Interface

  • GUI Sliders (sounds delicious, right?!) – New customizable slide-out panels allow for easy and efficient access to advanced functions without complicating the IndySoft Dashboard interface.
  • Updated header and footer options which allow for more efficient viewing of Equipment Data while scrolling.
  • New Equipment View “Tabs” which provide a quicker way to access detail sections about Equipment.
  • New Status, Flowchart and Image docking panels. These can either be docked permanently or be put into slide-out panels.
  • Classic View – hesitant to upgrade because your users are comfortable with what they are accustomed to – Version 11 has a Classic View that enables access to the latest enhancements while maintaining the Dashboard from Version 8 and prior.

Your user interface can be customized so that it is most efficient for you!

Now – What’s New!

  • A new email server application that allows for all emails to be funneled through one central server – eliminating the need for each workstation to have its own email settings.
  • A new language settings utility for Unicode and multi-lingual support – perform your own translations in the IndySoft Client or wait until the close of the year when we will begin shipping German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese versions of the software.
  • A Unicode conversion utility for upgrading a non-Unicode IndySoft database to Unicode.
  • BLOB/CLOB data support to meet the latest IT requirements.
  • Support for multi-instance client use on a workstation – want to multitask and perform two calibrations simultaneously from the same username? – no problem.
  • You are now able to use single and double quotes (‘ and “) in text input when using a Unicode database.
  • Expanded filtering options which provide an easier way to search when creating new equipment based on a template.
  • Vendor-based User/Location preferences for when vendors are treated as locations and you need to enforce User/Location preferences.
  • Tools to integrate with SAP/ERP systems – Utilizing IndySoft Services department and integrated scripting, IndySoft can now synchronize and interface with all major ERP systems.
  • Standard list of units of measure are pre-populated and they have been moved from Per Company lists to System-Wide for easier management
  • WebTier and WebTier Read Only clients are now brandable. Commercial Labs (or anyone else that gives external access to their IndySoft data) can now self-brand the client to provide coherent messaging with their own website and/or marketing efforts.

You said, “It would be really great if we could…” You asked, we heard and have now delivered.

License Changes

  • More bang for your buck – Tooling, Uncertainty and Trend Analysis modules are now included with every client license. Plus Preventive Maintenance, which is slated to be released in Q1 of 2018, will also be included.
  • A new Read Only license that replaces and enhances the DataView Brower functionality. A Read Only license will have the same interface as the standard Client version, plus users can access custom reports, customer charts, and special Read Only Mode events.
  • New Cloud and Subscription options with monthly or annual plans available. You decide whether to host your database on your network or let us handle it in the cloud.

Pay upfront and own outright or choose a monthly subscription hosted by you or in the IndySoft Cloud. The deployment model is now up to you and what is best for your business circumstances.

Upgrade Today!

As always, if you have a Service Contract with IndySoft you are able to upgrade to version 11 for no additional fee. Visit for the download link.

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