We’ve Hired a New Developer!

In order to get to know our new developer, Michael, we played a little game of two truths and a lie. See if you can guess which of his responses is the lie.

Two Truths + One Lie

  1. I drove an amphibious assault ship with the US Navy
  2. I speak three languages
  3. I am a fantasy geek

Michael’s Bio

Michael started his career in the US Navy where he traveled the world as a boatswain’s mate. After leaving the Navy he settled in San Diego and worked as an aerospace design engineer at UTC Aerospace Systems. While there he got a chance to work with computer code and that sparked his interest in software development.

After a move to Charleston he enrolled at ECPI University ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. Following graduation Michael spent nearly two-years at a Charleston-based consulting firm as a system engineer, but wanted to get more involved in development, so he started looking for an opportunity that would allow him to be an active contributor in coding. That lead him to IndySoft!

Michael is currently learning our software and development tools; once he is familiarized he will be helping new customers by doing data migration work. From there he will graduate to product development work.

We made it easy for you with his bio, so can you guess the lie now?

And the Lie Is….

Michael does not speak three languages, only two – English and Japanese. As a boatswain’s mate in the Navy he did drive amphibious assault ships. He also spent a couple of years in Japan and while there developed a love of manga and anime. Additionally, he likes Lord of the Rings style fantasy. He fits right in with the other geeks here at IndySoft, don’t you think?!

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