We’ve released 11.1 – Find out what is new!

We are happy to announce we have released our first set of feature updates for the year 2018!! With over 54 feature enhancements and 23 bug fixes 11.1 is our biggest update since our Version 11 release!

What’s New!

  • A Vendor Purchase Order system which allows for the creation and management of Vendor Purchase Orders for Repair Parts, Services, etc.
  • A new RECENTORDERS hyperlink option to easily access “Last 10” Work Orders/Estimates/Invoices when using the Order System.
  • IndySoft WebTier now allows the ability to add External Links and Icons to a custom Application Portal.
  • New option allows for Automatated Orphan License Removal when clients are logged off incorrectly (power loss, etc.)
  • Read Only users can now manage their own User Defined fields. (This is also imported from legacy DataView customer users, where appropriate)

And, the improvements!

  • Greatly reduced PDF Size for Unicode Document Creation
  • Single User and WebTier now use purely 2-tier connections. This allows for faster execution and less memory consumption.
  • Event Search now retrieves core Equipment Information when searching (description, type/subtype, manufacturer/model num, department, template type)
  • When Viewing Company info, users can now view Company Variable Information.
  • Pipette Module now can work via WebTierTools for RS-232 Input.
  • Extended Attributes now have a “Read Only” option for exposing to Read Only Client customers.
  • A specific “From” user for email can now be specified in the Alarm Module.
  • Company Billing, Shipping and Alternate Address now have their own E-Mail field. These fields also can now be accessed in Workflow Events and Alarms.

Upgrade Today!

  • As always, if you have a Service Contract with IndySoft you are able to upgrade to 11.1 for no additional fee. Visit my.indysoft.com for the download link.
  • Want to see it in action before you upgrade?
  • Sign up for our webinar on February 8th to see what to expect with 11.1.

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