Free eLearning Series from NPL

Are you in need of a refresh or do you have a new hire that could benefit from learning about some basic metrology principles and terminology?

Measurement Explained is a new series of text-based eLearning units from the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) that introduce basic measurement principles across the measurement sciences. These online open units are available free of charge and are available to you whenever you want, wherever you like and include a self assessment to test your measurement awareness and skills at the end of each of the courses.

The NPL states these eLearning cources are aimed at:

  • Professionals and management in measurement or related roles
  • Professionals working on the manufacturing shop floor
  • Inspection/QC department employees
  • Universities and academic institutions
  • Students and apprentices

Available Courses

Measurement Fundamentals Explained

This course introduces Metrology, the science of measurement, along with some basic metrology concepts. It covers topics such as ‘accuracy’, ‘precision’, ‘calibration’, ‘traceability’, but also outlines the International System of Units and the realization of the SI Base Units.

Measurement Uncertainty Explained

This unit introduces the basics of measurement uncertainty, along with some underpinning concepts such as ‘error’, ‘standard deviation’ and ‘probability distributions’. Additionally, this unit gives an overall perspective on its importance to measurement practice and explores the eight main steps to evaluating uncertainty.

Geometrical Product Specification Explained

This unit introduces dimensional measurement, geometrical tolerancing, tolerance types, and covers relevant considerations when designing and/or interpreting an engineering drawing.

Traceable Measurement of Drivetrain Components for Renewable Energy Systems

This course introduces metrology terms and practices in relation to wind energy systems, the current state of the wind energy industry, the basics of wind turbine drivetrain structure, an overview of common mechanical problems that occur with each of these components, and measurement strategies for key drivetrain components.

Microwave NDT for Composites Explained

This unit introduces microwave non-destructive testing (NDT) for the inspection and characterization of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composite materials and structures. After providing some background to the technique, the course moves on to cover the equipment and procedures involved in microwave inspection.

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