Our Updated Fluke Results Importer is now Available!

Are you using Fluke MET/CAL for your calibrations, but want IndySoft for asset management, certification and other daily business? With our Fluke results importer you get the best of both worlds!

Fluke Results Importer Available with 11.1.8 Release

With the release of 11.1.8, IndySoft has upgraded the Fluke MET/CAL Import Utility to a new program called Fluke Results Importer. The Fluke Results Importer allows you to leverage your investment in Fluke automated procedures while using IndySoft for asset management, certification and other daily business. The primary new features for this release include:

  • Compatibility for both Fluke MET/CAL-8 (MET/BASE, MET/TRACK) and Fluke MET/CAL-9 (MET/TEAM)
  • Enhanced Custom Mapping
  • Removal of registry install/configuration requirements

With our one-screen interface and simplified workflow your technicians can focus on calibration over configuration, making them more efficient.

Get it now!

As always, existing customers with the Fluke MET/CAL Import Utility and a support contract are able to upgrade for no additional fee. We are here to help with your mapping and initial configuration, so when you are ready to upgrade to the Fluke Results Importer, please open a ticket with support, or call us at 877-463-9763.

If you are not an existing MET/CAL Import Utility user, but are interested in learning more about our new Fluke Results Importer, please call 877-463-9763 or email us!

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