Celebrating 20 Years: A letter from our CTO and Co-Founder, Rhett Price

Today is a special day: IndySoft’s 20th anniversary. When I started off on this journey in 1993 I had no idea what I was getting into

I was a 21-year-old newlywed taking a leap of faith that I could build something great as my first major software project for a local calibration lab in Duncan, SC. I remember there being a lot of technology shifts during that time. As soon as I released our 1st MS-DOS version of the product, I had to immediately follow it up with a Windows 3.1 version the next year. That time was filled with great memories and non-stop learning; however, I don’t remember sleeping very much that year!

The lessons I learned and people I met during that time really made me feel like I had found a niche I could enjoy working in for years to come. Who would have thought that first project would end up being the EnGage! product line that would be translated into many languages and sold worldwide by a large software company?

Leaving that project behind was a tough decision in 1997, but an important one for taking things to the next level. I wanted to have full control of my own product and to focus on a truly global solution for large Enterprises in need of a 1 database-worldwide Calibration Software solution. That was how IndySoft came to be. I knew that if we did things right we could transform the way manufacturing and commercial labs managed their systems. Looking back I believe we achieved what we set out to do.

While reflection on how far we have come is natural on an anniversary, I am most excited about looking forward. Technological advances continue to allow us to shake things up. Our new automated off-site calibrations allows technicians to do offsite work without a consistent internet connection. Cloud computing has enabled us to be more than just the manager of your internal systems, but a platform that will allow you to have a better relationship with your own customers. Additionally, we have some exciting products (hint: mobile solutions, an expanded B2B offering, VisualCal automated calibration procedures, and more) that we are working on that we can’t wait to release to you. The future looks bright, and we look forward to being partners to your success.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge the two biggest assets that have made the past twenty years so incredibly fulfilling, our customers and employees. I am so appreciative and grateful for the customers that have trusted us to help them achieve their goals, while challenging us to be better. IndySoft is the company it is today because of the feedback and insights that have come from the excellent relationships that have developed over the years. Thank you.

To the IndySoft employees: I am so indebted to each and every one of you for showing up with care and passion every day. Your hard work and dedication is noticed and appreciated. IndySoft would not be the company it is without you.

I am proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary and I can’t wait to be looking back after the next twenty.

Sincerely, Rhett Price

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