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11 Benefits of Going to IndySoft Cloud

IndySoft Cloud for Calibration Management offers a wide range of benefits - from financial, to time savings, to security, and more. Here, we review 11 of the benefits of choosing IndySoft Cloud.

Reduced IT Costs

Moving IndySoft to the cloud would mean that you no longer have to spend money on managing and maintaining the IT equipment and systems IndySoft is currently running on. Not only will you reduce your hardware and infrastructure costs, but you may also be able to redirect your IT team to other tasks, without impacting the performance of your operations at all.


Quickly and easily scale your licenses as your business demands. If you have a sudden spike in demand or downturn (in the case of a global pandemic), licenses can be added or removed to accommodate your current needs.

Automatic Updates

One of the biggest advantages of IndySoft Cloud is that you always have access to the latest version of the software. You don't need to rely on your IT team or perfect timing to roll out the software. You always have access to the latest and greatest features.

Work from Anywhere

Workers are not restricted to a pc in an office. Field services are easy to manage when they are able to login to IndySoft anytime, anywhere.

Reduce Coordination Costs

Whether you have internal IT or source it out, when there is an issue or it is time for an upgrade, it takes coordination between diverse players with differing priorities. With IndySoft Cloud we handle all of the aspects required to keep you up and running, so you can focus on your business, not on bringing the right people together at the right time.


We work very hard to ensure that our software is extremely reliable with high-level SLAs. This means that as long as your IndySoft users have an internet connection they can be working for you. There is no downtime waiting around for systems to reboot.

Stronger Security

It is our job to closely and constantly monitor the security of our systems to ensure that no-one gains unauthorized access to your business data, whether that's internal or external. We have carefully designed controls in place that are audited by an external third-party annually so that you can have confidence that we are taking care of your data.

Disaster Recovery

Things can happen that are out of your control, whether that's a fire, a natural disaster or a power outage, which can lead to loss of data and downtime in your business. With IndySoft Cloud your data is backed up every 15 minutes and can be restored to any point within the last 35 days, ensuring that all data is safe and accessible, no matter what happens.

Improved Control

There is nothing worse than conflicting versions of documents and lost work. IndySoft Cloud allows you to store everything centrally with detailed and documented change control mechanisms. This centralized control ensures that your team is always working efficiently.

Increased Competitiveness

When you consider all of the benefits of IndySoft Cloud for your business, you can see that switching to the cloud gives you an edge over your competitors who choose to keep everything local. Using IndySoft Cloud allows you to adapt and respond more quickly to changing conditions and allows you to roll out upgrades quicker and with fewer resources, ensuring that you remain ahead of the pack.

Environmental Sustainability

Because you're only using the resources necessary for your application to run you're reducing the waste that happens when you have your business systems on-site. By moving IndySoft to the cloud, not only do you gain all of the above benefits to your business, but you're also helping to take care of our mother earth! 🌎

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As you can see, there are many advantages of moving to IndySoft Cloud.

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