Installing IndySoft 3-Tier Server

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Note:  the 3-tier server should be run on a 64-bit Windows Server that is accessible by all IndySoft client workstations. It will in turn connect to the database through the server.  Typically it is best to install the 3-tier server as physically close to the database as possible - or even on the same workstation in secure environments.  Before you start, make sure you have already created/installed the IndySoft database (MSSQL, Oracle, or Firebird), and you have current database credentials - these will be necessary when setting up the 3-tier server.


IndyIOAppServer-Arrow_r Important: Installation of IndySoft 3-Tier Server requires Administrator rights in Windows.  Please confirm these credentials before proceeding.





Installation - Uninstall


The uninstall step (shown above) will only be displayed if you have previously installed the IndySoft Global Application Server on this workstation.  The installation typically requires a full uninstall before the product can be re-installed.  This will only take a few seconds, then the uninstall will be confirmed.  Press 'Finish' then restart the installation, where you will see the Welcome screen below - which for new users is the first step seen:





Installation - Welcome Screen


This Welcome screen simply reminds the user of the IndySoft Global Application Server Version.  Confirm this information is correct and press 'Next' to proceed.


License Agreement



Installation - License Agreement


It would not be a software install without a license agreement...  Confirm the License Agreement, check 'I accept...', then press 'Next' to proceed.


Choose Database Type



Installation - Choose Database Type


The IndySoft Global Application Server can be setup to connect to one of three potential database types:  Firebird, MS-SQL Server, or Oracle.  Please make the appropriate selection and press 'Next' to proceed.  If you are installing for Firebird then you must first install the IndySoft Database for Firebird (separate install) before installing the Global Application Server.  For MSSQL and Oracle, your DBA must have already created the default IndySoft database and given you the proper log-in information.


Specify Service Dependencies



Specify Service Dependencies


You can optionally specify up to 2 dependencies for the IndySoft Global Application Server.  Often it is optimal to require that the database instance be loaded before the application server tries to connect to it.  To omit one or more dependencies, simply leave them blank.


Choose Application Folder



Installation - Choose Application Folder


Use this installation step to confirm/select the folder where the IndySoft Global Application Server will be installed.  By default the server is installed to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\IndyIOAppServer

Or, if you are not installing to a 64-bit operating system in Windows then the default will be simply 'Program Files'.  Use the 'Browse' button to make an alternate selection if desired.


Choose Start Menu Group



Installation - Choose Start Menu Group


The installation of the IndySoft Global Application Server will create a program group on your Start Menu with the name specified in this step.  A shortcut for launching the server setup will be created in this group.  The shortcut/group can be created for all users on your computer or only for your current Windows user name.


Ready to Install



Installation - Ready to Install


This step confirms that all selections/settings are in place and the installation is ready to begin copying files.  Press 'Next' to proceed.


Installing Files


This step will be shown while all files are being copied to the installation directory (or other required locations).  The progress bar will be updated as files are copied.


IndySoft Application Setup Setup



Installation - IndySoft Application Server Setup


Finally, you will be asked to confirm database connection settings and other various application server settings.  These settings are the same settings that you can modify from the 'IndySoft Global Application Server Setup' icon installed into as a Program Group through the install.  To review the various settings available see Application Server Setup.


Note:  if the application server has been installed previously then it will be removed and re-added.  The name of the service installed into Windows Service Manager is IndyIOAppServer.


When complete a dialog will show with successful installation of the product. Click Finish.  Installation is now complete.

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