Version 12

IndySoft is pleased to introduce version 12 to the community. We've assembled the following quick overview of features you won't want to miss!


Hide Inactive Companies

"Inactive" field for Companies. Once selected, company data will still be archived but companies will no longer show up in Company lists.

Per-Company Scheduling and Due Date Rules

Default Schedules and Due Date Rules may now be set at the individual company level, no longer requiring event filters, possible custom fields, and the systemwide skip options to be configured.

Additional Company Custom Fields

10 text, 10 checkbox, 3 date, and 3 custom numeric fields have been added.

Company Full Name

The company full name is available in more reports and searches

Failure Schedule Adjustment Allowance

Automatic Schedule Adjustment now allows for # of Failures as an option

Branch Designation

"Branch" fields to assist with Workflow/Statistics/Automation of Multi-Location Commercial Labs


Equipment Categories

You can now use Equipment Categories to pre-define Masters/Standards needed for calibration work Equipment Categories can be used to specify Capabilities for Branches, Vendors, Technicians

New Master Scheduling System

Track Masters that are to be used on specific jobs and schedule them using the IndySoft Work Scheduling system.

Data Collection

Multiple Test Point Setups per Template/Equipment

Test Points can now be divided up into multiple tabs - for different levels of Test Point setups. Equipment can have a "Default" to be used or asked for at time of calibration.

New Test Point Fields

Audit trail for User & Date/Time modified for both As Found and As Left Results "# of Seconds" spent on each test point "Error" column can auto add/subtract error without the use of a formula "Original" value column records data pre-formula or error adjustments Per Test Point Environmental Conditions (Temp/RH/Pressure) 10 Additional Numeric Custom fields 6 Additional Text Custom fields

Upgraded Advanced Test Point Grid

A new advanced way to setup Calibration Test Results. More powerful than ever and easy to use for customers familiar with Excel.

IndySoft Spreadsheet Application

An Excel clone that will allow for most Calibration Results already written in Excel to be performed without having to actually purchase Excel.

New Specification System (built off Enhancements of Uncertainty Attributes)

Enhanced to support Parent/Child relationships for Specification Lookups. Set Items also added as a new Specification type.

Related Module Updates:

Updated MetCAL Import Utility to support Version 8 and 9 Pipette Module Enhancements

Enhanced Signoff Control

Physical Signature Option for Work Orders and Events

IndySoft Signature iPhone Application can also be used to grab signature. All IndySoft Documents now have access to this "Signature" field to review via screen, or place on related documents, etc.

New Data Rollback feature to account for for Pending Document Failures

"Data Rollback" feature for Equipment that are Pending Document Signature. A failure of the Document Signoff will roll back Equipment Data so it can be corrected and a new report be generated from the snapshot of the equipment data.


12 New Event Fields

6 User Defined, Branch, Start Date/Time, BP/BP Type, Incomplete Event Status

New Incomplete Event Status

Any Incomplete Event can now have a custom status indication for easy identification of why events cannot be completed. ie. Needs Repair, Awaiting Parts, Awaiting PO, etc. Incompleting Events now logs a System Wide Audit Trail of why the Event was incompleted.

New Statistics Option for Workflows

Easily Track Turnaround, Total Calibration, Masters Used, etc. with our all new Statistics utility.

New Certificate Rev. Level Support

For modified certificates, Certificates can keep the same Certification Number with a changing Revision Level.

Order System

Multiple Employee, Groups, Masters, & Parts per WO/Line Item

Multiple Employees/Employee Groups/Masters/Part Association can now be assigned per Work Order/Estimate or even per each Line Item on an order. The Order Scheduling system has also been enhanced to accommodate this change.

Estimate Document part of Workflow

Estimate Documents are now automatically pushed to the Work Order when a work order is created from an existing Estimate.

Ad-Hoc Order System Document Storage

Order System Documents can now be attached with the order instead using the IndySoft Document Management/Revision system. Ad-Hoc files are saved as individual files in the database with the order record.

Multiple User view in Calendars

Work Scheduling Module now allows for viewing multiple users in parallel calendars

Holiday Data Scheduling

New Holidays dialog in Work Scheduling - holidays can be manually input for read-only display

Automated Tech Sync

Easily transfer data between the lab and technician for offsite calibrations.

Charges & Repair

New Charge Template System

For customers needing to split Charges away from Templates, in order to reduce updating, charges can now be grouped across many templates at once.

Updated Service/Repair Part System

Service/Repair Parts and Charges - 4 new columns to track Discount Amounts Repair/Parts can now allow parts to be grouped by Employee, Location, or Custom Group Name


New IndySoft Print Server

Install the new Print Server at multiple locations to easier handle Printer Routing. For users using WebTierTools w/WebTier just for printer routing capabilities, this new option can replace that requirement for multiple printer routing.


Updated Profile Manager

Profile Manager now allows easy separation of Full Client and Read-Only Client Users (Portal)

Customer Portal (Read Only Clients)

Automated User Management of your Customer Portal (Read Only)

Portal customers can now request lost passwords themselves without user interaction Portal customers can add new Users without interaction with the lab. A Pin-code system is used to automate this process.

Certificate Hold Option

Option for Commercial Labs to Hide Certificates until they are completely ready for viewing from the customer portal


New Built-In Version Control System

Built-In Version Control system for all customizable areas of software. Reports, Event Configuration, Layouts, Custom Scripting. Easily track changes, document, and also roll-back to prior versions when required.

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