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"Overall, the best asset management/calibration software out there. Flexible, powerful, and can do just about anything. The customer support is the best I have experienced with software."

Vincent Benenati
Quality Assurance Manager
Atlantic Scale Company

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Go Anywhere

Flexible mix-and-match deployment options and cross-platform access from anywhere in the world.

Do Anything

The most flexible process, report, GUI, security, and search features available in any package.

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From initial contact, to long-term continual care, multiple options for support and integration services.

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Deliver key data right to employees or business contacts with built-in email, search, and automation.


Increased Productivity

  • Easy-to-use equipment templates, navigation, reports and searching
  • Automatic calculation of uncertainty and real time pass/fail data point readings
  • Integrated Barcoding to identify equipment and to easily drive workflow

Global Scalability

  • Built to support worldwide multi-facility operations with centralized or per-facility workflows - all from one database
  • Foreign language capability and Unicode MSSQL Server or Oracle database support
  • Single User support with automated synchronization for working offsite

Fully Customizable

  • Customize the software to your business flow and data requirements rather than conform your business to how the software operates
  • Editing tools allow you to visually represent your processes with interactive flowcharts, customized searches, reports, and views
  • Distribute customizations enterprise-wide, or mix-and-match per company, user, or security role

Save Money

  • Install on unlimited workstations, users only consume a license while actively using the software (concurrent licensing)
  • All-in-one solution includes Tooling, Maintenance, Uncertainty and Trend Analysis modules with every client license
  • Increased efficiency with automated calibration interval adjustment and technician workload scheduling features

Meet Compliance Standards

  • Built-in features help ensure compliance with widely-accepted standards such as the ISO-9000/9100 series, ISO-17025, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and more
  • Maintain a comprehensive history of all user interactions to preserve a comprehensive audit trail
  • Supports all AIAG MSA Handbook Studies: R&R, Bias, Linearity, and Stability Studies

External Integrations

  • Embedded custom scripting environment allows for IndySoft or your own staff to create integrations.
  • Financial/accounting software integration saves time and reduces errors from dual entry
  • Optimize your planning with SAP/ERP system integration

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